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Obecný úrad Kamenná Poruba 207
093 03 Čemerné

Tel.: 057/442 26 89
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Region: Vranov nad Topľou

Microregion: Sačurov

First written mention: 1402

Height above sea level: 150 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 1270

Sufrace of cadaster: 741 ha


Kamenná Poruba is located in the Ondava River part of the Východoslovenská Nížina lowland on the banks of the Rakovec creek. Its name is probably derived from the process of deforestation of a woody area where it was founded. It was established under emphyteutic law in the 14th century. The first written evidence of the village comes form 1402. It was owned by various yeoman families. Original inhabitants were mostly woodmen, craftsmen and farmers. Kamenná Poruba has a population of almost 1300 inhabitants today, which makes it one of large villages in the county. A traditional formation of houses built along the creek has been preserved. 50 per cent of the population is of the Romany national minority, most of whom live in a segregated colony. Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic religions are most common in the village. An important historical monument in the village is the Greek Catholic church built in 1820, devoted to the Sending of the Holy Spirit. An original iconostasis can be admired in its interior. The Roman Catholic church stood in the village as early as in the 15th century. The construction of the present church was initiated by the citizens themselves. It was built in 1992 in the modern style and its foundation stone was consecrated by the pope John Paul II. The administrative centre of the village is located in the municipal office building. A commemorative tablet has been installed on its front facade dedicated to Jozef Seradín, who substantially contributed to the development of humanism in the harsh period of anti-fascist resistance. Cultural events take place mainly in the local community centre, which is also well equipped. A club developing folklore traditions of the region is active in Kamenná Poruba - the folklore choir Porubianka. The architecture of the local funeral house fits into the natural surroundings. There is a primary school and a kindergarten in the village. Local inhabitants are provided with suitable conditions for the development of several popular sports by means of a multipurpose sports complex.



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